There have been reports of customers queuing for up to three hours at a time just to get into Zeke’s Bar and Grill in Chattanooga Tennessee, following the installation of a Space Invaders machine in its bar area.

Owner, Zeke Abernathy, told XPQR Radio: ‘It’s been incredible. Word seemed to spread around like wildfire and before I knew what was happening it was doggone crazy. I’m having to ration each customer to just one game a day such is the demand. But I’ll say this, if our joint is anything to go by and these machines catch on, then they are the future, our liquor takings have gone through the roof since we leased the machine.’

But worryingly it’s not all good news as its understood the Police Departmet was called to diner at the weekend after a fight broke out over the official holder of the high score was disputed.

Cleetus Braxton (CB), an abattoir operative, claimed his 110,510 was cynically erased by the now current holder, Zeb Colefax (ZC), with a commendable 87,620, after Colefax turned the machine off and then immediately back on again, thus erasing the entire roll of honour up to that point.

Officer Dwayne Katz cautioned both parties warning them to refrain from any further ‘messin’ around tampering with high scores’ or ‘he could not rule out the possibility of arrest with subsequent charges of causing a ruckus being brought.’

Meanwhile Mayor of Chatanooga, Brad Zimmerman, commented: ‘The whole city is excited by the dawning of this new technological age, and these Space Invaders are a just another great reason why people should think about visiting us.’

‘And you know we could never achieved this without Mr Trump being in The white House. He’s sure making America great again. Hell yeah!’