Reports are emerging  that the much anticipated Singapore Summit might be in jeopardy following both leaders having supplied their rider for the historic meeting.

The North Koreans have objected to Mr Trumps stipulation that a jumbo box of Krispy Kreme Donuts must be placed by his chair in the negotiation room, but none can have chocolate either in or on them. A spokesman for the American team said: ‘This is a kicker for the President but so far our hosts have been unable to confirm that they can comply with our request.’

It’s understood that the North Korean’s are suspicious that the sweet golden tasty and deliciously scrummy morsels could be bugged and that private details of the talks could subsequently be leaked on the Internet in the coming weeks.

Not to be outdone The North Korean delegation has requested that Mr Trump wears a Kim Jong-Un wig as a mustache throughout the talks. However The USA has stated categorically that this won’t happen and that the meeting will be pulled unless Kim’s people retract the request.

The world is now holding its breath as the high stakes game of international brinkmanship plays out. The Pope has appealed for common sense to prevail and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has commented: ‘Ah… yes… ha-ha… ho-ho-ho. Splendid… what… what… what? Tickety-boo-woo-woo! Hurrah!’