A fierce bidding war has broken out between pizza chains Pizza Hut and Domino’s as both attempt to sign the England World Cup Squad for their next advertising campaign, once the inevitable happens during this Summer’s tournament.

A Pizza Hut spokesman said: ‘We’ll pay whatever it takes to get the player who breaks the nation’s heart, and to hedge our bets, just in case it goes beyond the stipulated five penalties, we’re seeking to sign up the entire squad if we can to cover the sudden-death scenario.’

But Domino’s has hit back with their head of marketing telling ITV News: ‘We’re prepared to match any bid Pizza Hut makes, indeed I’m authorised to double it if I have to.’

Pizza analyst, Charlie Davies, says: ‘The stakes here couldn’t be any higher. Whichever of them wins the battle will see their sales rocket at the expense of their competitor. It’s a huge deal.’

Meanwhile sensational but unconfirmed reports suggest that both Harry Kane and Dele Alli are possibly considering missing any vital spot kicks that they may have to take in a crucial shoot-out.

Speaking to Gary Lineker, Kane said: ‘Just say I was to miss and send us crashing out. It might be tough for me for a few weeks afterwards, but let’s face it, it never did the Boss any harm in Euro ’96, did it? And I’d love to be England Manager when I hang up my boots.’