BAFTA and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are to get together for one unique occasion to give awards for acting performances at this year’s World Cup Finals.

A spokesman for both bodies told journalists: ‘The staggering amount and the sheer quality of the playacting by footballers in this tournament has reached such incredble levels that both organizations feel we cannot let such performances go by unrewarded. The star-studded ceremony will take place in Moscow the evening after the Final.’

It’s understood the statuettes, named The Cheats, and designed by Diego Maradona, will depict a leaping player handling a ball and will be awarded in the following five categories, with competition expected to be very stiff in each.

Best totally over-the-top and impressively acrobatic fall following an imaginary foul.

Most petulant strop thrown when pretending a player has not blatantly chopped down an opponent.

Best fake rolling about in agony on the ground.

Most ludicrous reaction to having absolutely nothing done to you whatsoever by an opponent.

Best mobbing of the Ref by a team disagreeing with a perfectly correct and fair decision.