With both world leaders fast closing in on Singapore reports are emerging that the American / North Korean summit may now not go ahead because it cannot be agreed which leader has the stupidest hairstyle.

Speaking to reporters one  Trump aide said: ‘Mr Trump’s hair is a marvel of design and engineering and is, as far as we know, the first man-made structure entirely supported by gel and hair lacquer alone.’

‘It appears to defy every known law of physics and consequently we are claiming that it must be accorded ‘most important status’ in these forthcoming negotiations with North Korea.’

However the claim is not playing well with despotic man-baby Kim Jung-Un and his people, who have been quick to suggest that unlike Kim’s hair, Mr Trump’s is nothing more than an elaborate construction comprising of dead badger hair and twenty bottles of lacquer; whereas their man’s ‘do’ is one hundred percent authentic real hair despite its styling being a total three thousand percent fucking joke.

It is understood that the standoff will be decided when celebrity hairdresser, that bloke from The One Show, adjudicates and if afterwards there is still be the will to continue then the talks may still go ahead, albeit it under colossal strain.