Several months after his death news is emerging about the astonishing double life that was being led by Nation’s one time favourite funny man Mickey (Funny Fella) Tiddler.

Tiddler, famous for his legendary music hall shows and the many different roles he played in the Ealing Studios ‘Let’s have a bit of a Giggle’ series of films, was in fact a double-agent working on behalf of the Eastern Bloc immediately after the war and during the fifties and sixties.

Although a well loved public figure, he had a reputation of being a shy awkward retiring man in his private life. His sparring partner and long-time colleague, Johnny Jazz, the man who led the tributes at Billy’s remembrance service commented:

Quite frankly Mick was a right miserable streak of piss in real-life. I wouldn’t have trusted him as far as I could have thrown him, which incidentally wasn’t very far, ‘cos he was a proper lard-arse.’

‘And he was always puttin’ it about with his female co-stars. I know for a fact the randy sod tubbed two of ’em. No… It doesn’t surprise me that he’s turned out to be a traitorous shite house, if I’m being honest.’

It’s now alleged that Tiddler  was being ‘handled’ by no less a spying legend than the infamous Colonel Sergei Novocov who himself defected to the West in 1967. Novocov commented: ‘Billy was an OK kind of guy. I remember he once got me tickets for Jesus Christ Superstar. That wasn’t an easy thing to do and he only took a few roubles for his trouble”

When asked earlier today the sensitivity of the information Tiddler was leaking Novocov said: ‘If I told you that I would have to kill you.