Unbeknown to his fans, when he was playing in this year’s World Cup tournament, it has been announced that Brazilian football star, Neymer, was actually taking part in an extended audition and he has now been subsequently signed by World Wrestling Supremo Vince McMahon as the latest recruit to the WWE stable.

McMahon told reporters: ‘I was very impressed by Neymer’s acrobatics and supreme cat-like agility. His ability to roll with a punch, even when one hasn’t been thrown at him, is a particular skill that cannot be taught. He’s a natural and a phenomenal actor also. These are twin skills that will see him do really well in WWE.’

Neymer is now involved in an intensive training schedule at WWE’s HQ before taking to the ring under the fighting name of ‘The Wimp’, when it is understood he will make his debut in the upcoming PPV Summer Slam event in August, against WWE Hall-of-Famer and wrestling superstar Triple H.

On hearing about the upcoming match-up Triple H commented: ‘Believe me, I cannot wait to meet him in the ring. I admire the guy’s skills on a football pitch, but hey, listen, when he hits the deck this time he won’t be kidding when he’s rolling around in agony. Oh, yeah!’