There were extraordinary scenes at the start of the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Final when an argument broke out between finalists Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber.

The disagreement started when Williams walked out onto Centre Court followed by four ball boys carrying a double divan bed which they placed adjacent to the Umpire’s chair. Miss Kerber immediately raised an objection and there followed a heated discussion between both women and tournament officials.

Serena who currently appears in TV ads for Tempur mattresses, wanted to have a one minute power-nap between games instead of the usual sit down because she is a working and often tired Mom, insisting she can only do this on a Tempur mattress for contractual reasons.

The Tournament Director was called who quickly informed Williams that she would forfeit the match and title if she did not have the bed removed, leaving the former champion no alternative but to comply.

In what then became a somewhat tense affair Williams lost the game but at the post match press conference she told press: ‘I’m not happy about what happened today and I give tournament organisers official notice that I will not be taking their decision lying down.’