Septuagenarians Barry Pollock and Gladys Jennings are rapidly adjusting to national stardom after their chat round the dinner table in an old folks home, was overheard by a visiting ITV 2 Producer, Simon Williams, and inspired what has become a runaway Summer TV juggernaut.

Says Williams: ‘The idea for OAPs Love Home came to me in a flash when I was scouting for a location in their care home and heard Barry and Gladys spouting off a mix of utter bollocks and I’ll-informed xenophobic rubbish for hours on end.’

‘I thought what about if I move the cameras in, film it all to see what happens? It’ll be TV gold. And my intuition has proven well founded. It’s surpassed all expectations and we’ve made Love Island look about as edgy as The One Show.’

Last night over 10.7 million viewers watched the season finale in total astonishment, as after hammering down milk stouts and light and bitters all evening after their stake and kidney pie dinner, the pair went out into the car park and had what Barry called a ‘knee trembler’ over behind the skips. Both emerged ten minutes later with Barry doing up his flies and Gladys zipping up her anorak.

Plans are now well advanced to increase numbers for next year. Along with four of each of their friends they’ll be flown to a luxury care home on Mallorca where they will live together for eight weeks in ‘Oldies’ Island’

‘We can’t wait to see what an extended format with endless sun, sand and sangria will produce,’ says a delighted Simon. ‘Just so long as they don’t die in the meantime.’