In what is being seen as an unexpected development, in a week that’s already been full of them, it’s been announced at a White House press briefing that Donald Trump is to step down from the Presidency effective from midnight tonight.

Standing at the lectern Mr Trump said: ‘I have been advised by my great new buddy, and by the way, folks, he’s my greatest and newest buddy, Vladimir Putin, that I did not win the 2016 Election and as a consequence I must step down immediately. Mr Putin is a real stand up guy and would not lie to me over this matter so I will do the right thing and quit.’

‘All agencies here in America are insisting that despite me having lost the overall popular vote I nevertheless won more of the chairs in something called an Electric Cottage. Well that’s BS and FAKE NEWS!’ continued Trump angrily ‘but as Vladimir, hey now, isn’t that a great name, Vladimir… wow that’s such a cool name, in fact it’s the coolest name ever, as Vlad-i-mir is adamant that I did no such thing then I must stand down.’

The move has thrown America and the wider world into complete panic with stock markets across the globe having gone into meltdown and economies now in free fall.

However amidst the chaos the world may just have a new Saviour. Step forward ITV’s Piers Morgan who has at short notice selflessly offered his services to help restore calm if enthroned as King of The World. His one stipulation being that he is given a nice sparkly crown to go with the office at his coronation.