Donald Trump has caused a major problem for broadcaster NBC by throwing it into what media lawyers are calling a horrendous legal mess when he spoke at yet another press conference today.

Looking uncharacteristically uncomfortable and very unsure of himself The President read hesitantly from a preprepared written script.

Journalists looked on in disbelief as for for the second time in two days as Mr Trump said: ‘When appearing on my phenomenally successful and wonderful, just so truly fantastically wonderful, TV smash hit The Apprentice, I now have to announce that when I told each and every one of the contestants ‘You’re Fired!’ I actually mis-spoke. What of course I meant was ‘You’re not Fired,’ and I now wish to apologise unreservedly to those that have been inconvenienced as a result of my very genuine and understandable mistake.’

However Media Lawyer and contractual expert, Bob Shabdowski, doesn’t think Trump’s apology will wash. He told The new Yorker: ‘Trump has ‘fired’ nearly 200 people over the 14 series of the show he’s presided over. Not to mention the celebrity versions too. That’s a lot of careers, hopes and dream shattered and I’d now not be surprised if both he, and indeed NBC, will see the law suits pouring in over the next week all seeking multi million dollar sums in damages.

Meanwhile ITV’s Piers Morgan was refusing to hand back the US Celebrity Apprentice title that he won in 2008. ‘I won that show fair and square and I can see no reason whatsoever why Mr Trump wouldn’t have been happy picking anyone else but me.’