A tweet by Liam Gallagher to his brother, Noel, saying Britpop icons Oasis should reform years after their acrimonious break-up has the music business in a complete spin today.

Entertainment experts are suggesting if the reunion does take place, and there is then a tour, tickets will become the hottest ever in the history of live music.

So it is perhaps odd therefore that boxing promoter Barry Hearn’s name appears to be in the frame to promote the shows being hotly tipped for next year. However the chippy Londoner doesn’t agree. He told Mark Radcliffe: ‘On the contrary, I’m perfectly placed to handle this. Because you can bet your boots it’s going to the biggest scrap ever. A war of attrition every night.’

‘These lads detest one another and if each show makes it to even a second song on every gig I’ll be astounded. But it’s a massive payday that’s been waiting to happen now for years and I think they’ll find it too irresistible to pass over. I’m used to the fight game and I can handle it better than anyone else. They’d be mad not to pick me.’

Meanwhile former Hearn protégé, the snooker genius turned Rave DJ, Steve Davis, thinks the idea of Hearn promoting the tour might just have legs. In a break between busting out some bangin’ beats and grooves at an all-nighter and using his talent for understatement he commented: ‘You know, I think it could be rather interesting.’