In a bid to alleviate the current industrial action by its pilots, Irish airline Ryanair has announced it has employed legendary air ace, James ‘Biggles’ Bigglesworth and his lesser known twin brother Kyle to fly its Costa del Sol route.

CEO, Michael O’Leary, told Flight International Magazine: ‘I’m delighted to have signed the lads. They’ll be working round the clock to ensure our customers get off to their well-deserved holidays on time without hold ups.

O’leary has been coy about rumours circulating in the travel industry that prices will be hiked by more than 50% for flights with Biggles at the controls. ‘Ah sure, now we’ll just have to see,’ he says noncommittally whilst blowing on his finger nails.

The air ace and his brother are expected to take to the skies this weekend along with trusty companions Algy, Ginger and Smyth who have also been signed to assume duties as cabin crew.

Meanwhile the CAA has added a note of caution. ‘Whereas Biggles is an icon, a much loved war hero and a great pilot, nevertheless it’s imperative that he refrains from engaging other aircraft in dog fights or performing victory rolls when landing at Gatwick or Malaga,’ warned their spokesman Erich von Stalhein.