The man with the most immaculately clipped and coiffured beard in showbiz, Noel Edmonds, is to  make a comeback with his popular guessing game, Deal or no Deal, this Autumn.

He told Radio Times: ‘It seems the perfect moment to go with this again, what with the current state of our Brexit negotiations. So ‘Deal’ is coming back with quite a few changes this time around. Contestants won’t be bussed in direct from central casting, instead they’re going to be our leading politicians, public figures and civil servants.’

It’s understood that Noel has recruited his erstwhile sidekick, Mr Blobby, or to be me more accurate, Boris Johnson, to co-host the format that will see 24 players opening a box containing a completely arrogant and unreasonable negotiating point to bring to Europe. Over six weeks of five programmes all the points will be randomly cut and pasted together into a new negotiation document for Dominic Raab to use as the UK’s road map in establishing a Brexit deal.

Said Johnson: ‘I agree that it’s not particularly scientific or indeed professional in any sense of the word, but what’s new? And quite frankly it’s bound to be a lot better than the shambles Theresa wanted us to suck up at The Chequers away day debacle. Oh…ah… yes and of course… erm… BLOBBY BLOBBY! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!’