Conservative curiosity, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has spent a week at an exclusive boot camp in an attempt to reinvent himself as a right tough-nut. The move comes as a prelude to making an attempt at grabbing the party leadership from beleaguered Theresa May. Possibly the worst kept secret of all time in politics.

The bespectacled oddity is said to have dropped his ultra upper class Wodehousian persona along with his double-barrelled surname, and is instead now modeling himself more on Danny Dyer than Gussie Fink-Nottle.

A photograph is circulating on Twitter showing the now heavily tattooed North East Somerset MP stripped to the waist and mugging to the camera with his fists raised in the classic stance of a pugilist. His constituency agent told reporters: ‘All will be revealed on Monday but there is some truth in the current speculation. Jake Mogg will be holding a press conference at Westminster and will be also making an important announcement.’

Meanwhile supporters of the newly styled ‘Jake’ are said to be delighted. Darren Clapp, a tower block resident from Peckham whose parents bought the dilapidated hovel where he now lives during the Thatcher years said: ‘Great news. I think that Mr Rees-Mogg really connects with me and my kind. Some say he’s a bit stuck-up but I won’t have it. Empathy with the scum of the earth like me is his real skill. he knows the score and now he’s going to be a well proper geezer in Parliament too and that, then I can’t wait.’