A man from Faversham in Kent whose angry rant about wood pigeons on Facebook went viral, is today in hiding following a social media backlash of ‘death threats or even worse’ from ornithologists and other animal-friendly do-gooders.

Graham Tibbs posted an invective-fuelled status on Monday saying – Why are wood pigeons such dumb f**ks? They fu*k about waddling all over the road and don’t even have the sense to f**k off out of your way until the very last second, meaning you have to jam on your breaks. The stupid brainless f**kers! They’re worse than bastard fu**ing wasps! I despise the stupid f**king arseholes. The best place for them is in a fu**ing pie!’

Detective Inspector Alan Starling confirmed: ‘Acting on Police advice Mr Tibbs has temporarily left his residence until we can get this matter resolved. And whereas we do not condone such potentially inflammatory statements posted online, nevertheless let me assure the public if anyone even so much as harms a hair on his head the full weight of the law will be brought to bear on them.’

Meanwhile former Goodie and bird-fancier, Bill Oddie, was unable to comment as according to his agent he has taken to living in a church belfry in Oxfordshire where he spends all day suspended upside down while intermittently eating insects which he traps using a small portable sonar device.

And following today’s 2.30 news bulletin on BBC 6 Music where the story was reported, presenters Radcliffe and Maconie were keeping pretty tight-lipped about the situation with Radcliffe only prepared to quip: ‘My toe hurts, Betty.’