Roger Pithers, a former health and safety officer from Lewes, could hardly believe his eyes when he turned on his computer and found an email telling him he was no longer to be employed by the firm he had worked for for the last twenty years because of a breach of health and safety policy.

Believing he was the victim of a prank he contacted the HR Department but was quickly assured there had not been a prank, because sadly for him it had come to light that for over a year, he had been operating his computer in total disregard for company health and  safety policy. The very same policy that he himself had drafted last year!

Speaking from his home he said: ‘Well it’s health and safety gone mad! OK, so my monitor lead was protruding two millimeters over my desk edge, but it’s not exactly a hanging offence. I mean the world wasn’t going to come to an end because of it.’

Mr Pithers is currently considering bringing his employers to an Industrial Tribunal and is believed to be seeking legal advice on the exact position.

Meanwhile his former bosses won’t back down with company MD, Neil Barnes, confirming: ‘What, old Stickler Pithers? Colleagues called him Adolph behind his back you know as everything had to be by the book with him. It was a no-brainer and had to go or everyone would’ve wanted their leads running every which way to suit themselves. And as we all know, down that rocky road lies total desk-tidiness anarchy.’