After having achieved his election promise to ‘Make America Great Again’, well at least in his own mind anyway, President Trump has announced that he is to devise, host and judge a new set of awards to be presented during next year’s award season.

‘The Great Americans’ (or Donalds) will be awarded at a glitzy ceremony to be held at The White House in February and although not all the final details have been released, several of the award categories have been revealed. Already on the list are:

  • Greatest American to own a chain of exclusive international golf resorts.
  • Greatest American to start out in business after being given 8 billion dollars by his Dad.
  • Greatest American reality TV star to make it as President of the USA.
  • Greatest American who made America’s economy truly great again.
  • Greatest American who made America GREAT Again… EVER!

It’s understood further categories are to be announced as the ceremony date draws nearer, with speculation widespread there will be a Great American Fellowship category inaugurated, with The President himself being hotly tipped to be its first inductee.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the awards Mr Trump said: ‘The Great Americans will be a great ceremony, just the greatest ceremony. It will become the most hotly anticipated award show of the season and it will make The Oscars and The Emmys… and by the way folks, just how sad are the Oscars and Emmys? They’re sad ceremonies, wow, just the saddest. They’re real bad, oh yeah believe me. They stink!’

‘Anyway, The Great Americans won’t stink. They will make all those other sad awards seem like a Junior School prize giving day. FACT!!’