Following the conclusion of ITV 2’s Love Island last night, rumours are rife that ITV 1’s daytime flagship shows are going to have to fill their allocated time slots with new and original content.

A clearly uneasy Kate Garraway speaking on the set of GMB said: ‘For the past eight weeks we have virtually filled the entirety of our daily two and a half hours with wall-to-wall plugging of Love Island. But now it’s finished it looks like I’m going to have to start reading about current affairs and Brexit again, because at the editorial meeting this morning, our executive producer said that we’re going to have to run with some actual news until X Factor comes back on at the end of August.’

And stand-in This Morning hosts, husband and wife team Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, agree the immediate future is looking uncertain. ‘Tomorrow we have that chancer fella with the beard on who tells us how to wear clothes like the A-List Celebs, said Eamonn. ‘Well tomorrow it’s ‘How to wear a Panama Hat just like Madonna’. But how we’re going to fill two hours with that then Christ alone knows.’

‘I mean presumably after he’s suggested – go to a shop, buy one, come home, put it on and go out somewhere wearing it – there’s not much more to say. We’ve got our booker trying to get Debbie McGee in for a chat but it seems she’s currently on holiday in Crete, so tomorrow might just be a bit of a car crash if I’m being honest. And sure for frig sake even wee even Nadia who won Bake-Off isn’t available.’

And a disconsolate Ruth adds ‘Now if we don’t manage to get the Chuckle Brothers and Len Goodman in a last scrape of the bottom of the barrel then I don’t know what we’ll do. But then, I suppose August isn’t called the silly season for nothing!’