The Metropolitan Police held a press conference earlier today to confirm they have thwarted an attempted robbery on The Crown Jewels, in what’s being seen as a ‘copycat caper’ in the wake of yesterday’s daring heist in Sweden which saw a similar raid succeed.

Chief Inspector Noel Robbins said: ‘I can confirm that today two men in their late 70s were arrested along with a third waiting in a small getaway rowing boat nearby on the Thames just by Tower Bridge. All three remain in Police custody under arrest pending further investigations and no further details will be released at this time.’

However it’s believed that two of the men are East End career criminals, twins Len and Larry Gray, both who have served previous prison terms for armed robbery, violent assault and GBH. A source close to the family who didn’t want to be named said: ‘Believe it or not they got their hands on the ‘Toms’ and only got rumbled when Barry, who’s got a gammy leg, was using the sceptre as a walking stick as they was heading for the boat. An eagle-eyed Bobby clocked him and nicked all three down by the river.’

And The Times crime correspondent, Alan Simms, commented: ‘It wasn’t so much Oceans Eleven but more Lavender Hill Mob.’