In a sensational outburst last night TV hard-nut and EastEnder, Grant Mitchell, has told Theresa May ‘stop faffing around, love, and get Brixit sorted or else I will step in and do the job myself.’

Appearing on Graham Norton a fired-up Mitchell said: ‘I’m fed up of all this facking shilly-shallying. It’s getting sod-all done. That Davis bloke was a muppet and good riddance to him. Now the new geezer’s been binned off after only three days, but let’s face it, May looks like she couldn’t negotiate her way out of a Post Office queue, so if she don’t get a wiggle on I’m stepping in and sorting it. She’s got one week and I mean it!’

The intervention has been welcomed in Brexit circles with Boris Johnson commenting: ‘Oh frabjous  day callooh-callay! Pip-pip Pip-pip hooray! I like the cut of Grant’s jib. The way he goes around the world into all those trouble hot spots, sorting out drug barons and street gangs by cracking their heads together and so on is just the thing to get 17.4 million leave-voters what they want. I can’t wait to see old Barnier getting his eye blacked.’

And one Daily Mail reader, lifelong racist and moronic xenophobe Bert Shite agrees: ‘At last something’s gonna get done. I can’t wait to be allowed to buy some bendy bananas, reclaim our sovereignty and have my blue passport back again. I wish Grant would run for UKIP Leader and PM just like what Trump done in America, cos he’d get my vote no bother.’