BBC has unveiled its Autumn schedules today and already one offering has viewers and critics alike wetting themselves in anticipation.

Round the Bend is a new sitcom from Peter Kay written by the Bolton funny man. Set in a subterranean public lavatory in London’s West End, it stars Kay along with Vic Reeves’s erstwhile comedy partner, Bob Mortimer, playing a pair of hapless janitors who each week become embroiled in an hilarious toilet-based scrape of some kind or other.

Speaking to Radio Times Kay said: ‘When you think of the longstanding British tradition of toilet humour I just can’t believe a sitcom like this has never been done before. To be honest it practically writes itself. For example in the opening episode my character, Whiffy Wilson, is afflicted by a really shocking bout of diarrhoea and spends the entire episode sitting “on the throne” desperately communicating with Bob’s character, Pisspot, by passing notes to each other below the cubicle door.’

Writing in The Mirror TV Critic Kevin O’Sullivan says: ‘I’ve seen the first two episodes and Around the Bend is so broad that it makes Mrs Brown’s Boys seem highbrow and positively Proustian. It’s a no-holds-barred romp through what Britain loves best. Gags galore on obnoxious smells, breaking wind, getting caught short, skid marks, ribald innuendo and unfortunate trouser mishaps. It’s got BAFTA written all over it, or at the very least, Armitage Shanks.’