A furious row has erupted between The Metropolitan Police and the City of Westminster Parking Enforcement Department, after the car used in this morning’s suspected terrorist attack on The Houses of Parliament has been removed and taken to the Tower Hamlets Car Pound by parking enforcement officers.

The Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command is leading the investigation and a stunned Senior Forensic Investigator, Gavin Bathurst told reporters: ‘I’d  been there since seven forty-five dusting for dabs and so forth and noticed it was eleven o’clock, so I nipped over to the sandwich shop across the road to grab something for my break as I was a bit peckish by then.’

‘I was only gone five minutes but when I came back they already had the motor on the back of a flat-bed and wouldn’t put it back at the crash-scene.’

Westminster Parking Chief, David Rathbone, told us: ‘This is a very busy main thoroughfare and we can’t just have every Tom Dick and Harry ditching motors and causing mayhem and traffic jams everywhere around the city.’

‘Therefore in compliance with Section C paragraph 4.b of our vehicle removal code of practice we had every right to remove the offending vehicle. Consequently we did so at 11.03am.’

The Met’s Counter-Terrorism Commander who cannot be named was incandescent with rage: ‘This is just typical of these little Hitlers who run parking departments. This fool and his operatives have hampered a vital investigation. It just beggars belief.’

Meanwhile it’s understood that Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, is on her way to Tower Hamlets with the force’s credit card in order to have the car released so that a full investigation into the incident can be resumed as soon as possible.