Following the baffling success of musicals Mama Mia and Mama Mia – Here we go Again, purveyors of tawdry old cinematic guff, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson have confirmed, rather astonishingly, that they are to go to the well one more time and release yet another musical based on their back catalogue of pop songs.

In an interview in Empire Magazine the pair explained. ‘Of course we made millions from the music alone first time around, more than we could spend in three lifetimes, ‘ says Bjorn, ‘So the success of the Mama Mia movie surprised us, as it was clearly a rickety cobbled-together pretty dodgy affair really. ‘But when we were asked for a follow-up we couldn’t believe our luck and thought, why not. Never look a gift hores in the mouth,’ adds Benny.

But fans, mostly girls and women of a certain age, it must be said, who are hoping the franchise is to go on for ever will be saddened, as the pair confirm the new film will also be the last in the series. ‘We know we’re chancing our arm here, especially if Piers Brosnan sings a song, but we just figured… ahh bollocks to it… what the hell?’ says Bjorn.

‘The script is being worked up at the moment and we’re setting it in Belgium during The Napoleonic Wars and will be called Mama Mia’s Waterloo.’