Concerns are growing over the whereabouts and welfare of Conservative backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg, following his absence form the glare of the media spotlight this past week.

Although it is widely agreed by many experts that he’s something of an anachronistic oddball, sidelined on the margins of government and seemingly destined only to make ludicrously outdated and toe-curling cringe-worthy comments on moral issues, nevertheless he’s great entertainment too.

Westminster-watchers say that after he had been expected to get a Cabinet seat at Mrs May’s last reshuffle, when he was hotly tipped to be handed the so-called PG Wodehouse brief (Secretary of State for the Idle Rich) but in the event he got nothing, his political goose was cooked thus leaving his hopes for the highest office in utter ruins.

Speaking to The Times, Reginald Jeeves, valet to socialite Bertie Wooster said: ‘If I might advance an opinion. Mr Rees-Mogg simply will not do. He is rather an odd gentleman and in my view not entirely suited to public life. He lacks that “certain something”, and all too often is perceived as a figure of fun and ridicule. To promote him to any high office would be a mistake. Especially when one considers Mr Boris Johnson has already had this gift bestowed upon him on several occasions only to make a catastrophic mess of his brief every time.’

Meanwhile it’s understood that Mr Rees-Mogg’s constituency party has enlisted the services of Time Lord Dr Who, to search for him in Victorian London, as the North East Somerset MP has a fully-booked surgery to conduct on Monday evening.