With the influence of Heston Blumenthal now stretching far and wide and food dishes getting ever more bizarre in terms of presentation and content, you only have to watch Great British Menu or Masterchef, then The Daily Blether has produced a handy guide to bring you up to speed with the latest fads and foibles of molecular gastronomy and fine dining.

Serving Plates: Old china plates are so  passé  darling. Next time you have friends around for a meal why not try using laminated carpet tiles to present the food. NB Tip – be sure not to cook a dish with gravy or a sauce.

In Three Ways: Serving something in three ways is not only ‘on trend’ but is also a handy way to use up something that you have too much of in the fridge or store cupboard.

Sous Vide: It’s all the rage to cook your dishes sous vide in today’s climate. But if you’re in any doubt and don’t want to let yourself down by messing the technique up in front of important guests, then simply serve them boil in the bag rice and Birdseye Cod in Lemon and Dill Sauce . It’s the exact same process and doing it this way is 100% foolproof.

Blow Torch: Previously the preserve of the painter-decorator the blow torch is a must in the modern kitchen but a word of caution here, be careful with the net curtains when using them.

Tasting Menu: Popular with the celebrity cheffing fraternity. Costing a fortune but providing not enough to even fill a sparrow a tasting menu is a succession of dishes that make the average portion of Tapas look like a four course banquet.

Food Story: For your dish to have a story attached to it is something that’s very now very popular, particularly if it involves a journey of some kin. Apparently diners like to have some kind of connection with the idea of any given dish’s inspiration. With one 3-Starred Michelin eatery serving: We shall fight them on the beaches followed by Call me Ishmael and off with It was the day my Grandmother exploded