In what’s thought to be a first a British tabloid newspaper has been named on the long list for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

The accolade goes to The Daily Mail and the news sees them cock-a-hoop with today’s front page headline of Mail Hailed as ‘New Dickens’ in Arty-Farty Writing Prize.

Speaking on World at One the Chairman of the Selection Panel said: ‘This has been waiting to happen now for several years and the Mail only missed out narrowly last year when it printed one particular story that for some inexplicable reason actually contained a shred of truth. Sadly the rules meant that they were no longer eligible. But since then its output has been fiction from cover to cover in every single edition.’

‘Although during our deliberations we did hit a slight hiccup at one point,’ continued the Chairman, ‘when it was pointed out by a member of the panel that the Mail does print the date on each issue, and oddly enough that’s never made up. But in the end we felt that this was such a minor detail that it was to all intents and purposes considered inconsequential.’

Literary critics and bibliophiles are now waiting to see if the paper progresses through to the shortlist with one telling us: ‘I particularly love the narrative strand on Muslims. The Mail has created the most evil fictional monsters ever and in all honesty I sometimes have to de-stress by reading a Stephen King novel.’