The mood was one of jubilation and expectation as bigots, disenfranchised Tories, xenophobes and elderly Daily Mail readers took their seats in rapt anticipation of this the first show on Nigel Farage’s ‘Rule Britannia’ Comeback Tour.

The stage set was simple and sparse as red, white and blue laser beams swept the room with two statues of Britannia flanking the podium and a large plasma screen showing clips of Nigel’s June 2016 early morning ‘Independence Day’ interview.

The lights dimmed and to tumultuous applause and the PA belting out The Dam Busters March Mr Farage was carried onto the stage in a sedan chair borne by four skinheads wearing bowler hats, Union Jack t-shirts and shorts with jet-black Doc Martens. And right form the get-go he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

He opened the set with a blistering attack on immigrants delighting his audience with an extended improvised passage about dole-scrounging and fraudulent benefit claims that very nearly brought the house down. At one point a middle-aged lady got past security and draped her knickers over Nigel’s head before planting a kiss on his cheek.

After the interval it was vintage Farage all the way as he made an impassioned plea for Mrs may to be ousted as soon as possible, before moving onto what the crowd had been waiting for and he did not disappoint. It was obvious to all that his powers have not been diminished and it was as if he’d never been away when he closed the last forty minutes of the set with a tour de force all guns blazing full-frontal attack on The EU.

Of course he was called back for the obligatory encore; a tough-talking piece slating Remainers wherein he confirmed, that if necessary, he would go back into front line politics and personally see that the 52% who voted Brexit were not betrayed. And on that note with two thunder flashes and a confetti cannon he was gone.

As they left the venue the crowd, seemed to this reviewer, to be frenzied, fired-up and on the lookout for a late night roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.