Pixar has announced its latest project to be called Toff Story, which for the first time will see the animation giant enter the ‘real world’ by setting the action against the backdrop of Britain’s Brexit shambles.

The film’s Director, Chuck Kazawokovic, broke the news in Edinburgh telling reporters: ‘Yeah, it’s cool and we’re all fired up about it. Britain’s class system is fascinating to us loud-mouthed boorish Yanks, so we’re gonna explore all of its ins and outs through the movie’s hero, a kid called Shelby and his favourite toy called Boz Lightweight, who’s this funny-looking fat-guy gonk dressed in a badly-fitting suit and with a shock of ludicrously untidy blond hair.’

‘Shelby’s a kinda precocious geeky eight year-old living in the Midwest who’s obsessed with British politics and the movie centres around him imagining a scenario that Boz somehow makes it as the Prime Minister. We see Boz twist and turn, fudging his way through life when a major crisis concerning Britain voting to become totally isolated on the world’s political stage comes up.’

‘First Boz is against this and then he’s for it. The guy just flip-flops every ten minutes, he’s a kinda British Trump, got no integrity at all. And then… but hey! I’m giving too much away. You just gotta come and see the movie!’

It’s understood the script isn’t completed yet, however one Pixar insider commented: ‘Our movies are usually known for having happy endings, but believe me, not this baby. It’ll be our first foray into the horror / disaster genre and we’re going for it big style.’