Forget the finger glasses because they’re now history as Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield wizard, Dele Alli, is understood to be honing a new goal celebration and is expected to bust out the latest move this weekend should he get among the goals.

Teammate Harry Kane told Gary Lineker: ‘The lads was in the hotel… err, and we was watching the news… err, and it was covering Mrs May in South Africa… err. Next thing she starts doing this sort of dance thing… err, and Dele’s up there and copying it… err, and he’s only nearly got it bang on right off the bat… err. It’s a bit like when Crouchy used to do the robot… err, only this is well funnier and that… err. So yeah.’

Professor of psychology and body language expert, Dr David Busby, explains why goal celebrations in football are often quite elaborate and flamboyant, he told ITV News: ‘It’s because footballers are tossers.’