Without even the slightest hint of irony a White House spokesman earlier this week announced that President Donald Trump has signed a syndicated deal to write a weekly column for The Daily Mail Online.

Speaking to reporters at a briefing the spokesman said: ‘The President has moved to stem the tsunami of fake news about him flooding across the planet, and after considerable research on his part established that The Mail Online is not only the most visited news website in the world, but it is also the most trusted and factually accurate. Therefore it makes sense for him to start his fightback for truth there.’

Subsequently published today and under the strap line of Donald Trump’s True World News, his first piece was a reflection on the life and funeral of the late Aretha Franklin wherein he wrote –

Sad news today, folks, such real sad news when America said farewell to one of its own, well I think she was an American citizen… was she? I’ll get my people onto it. Anyhow I’m talking about the great Anthea Franklin. She was a true one-off and when they made her they sure broke the mould.

I have every record she ever made right from House of the Rising Sun through to her cover of my great buddy, Ted Nugent’s biggie, Cat Scratch Fever. Which by the way, is available on Ted’s new best of collection out next week. Wow, amazing!

And you know, as a matter of fact when Don Junior was a kid and couldn’t sleep we used to play a cassette tape of Anthea’s great hit, Wombling Merry Christmas, all night long. That was real neat, just so so neat. FACT!

Anyway, so long Anthea, and meanwhile all you folks still in the land of the living, be sure to look out for next week’s column all about how great I am. God bless me America. DT