Irish supergroup U2 cut short a show in Berlin after performing only a few songs as lead singer and self-styled Saviour of Mankind, Bono, appeared to be have been overcome with a great burden and was unable to continue.

All started reasonably well as he walked on stage with the band, although there was a moment when clearly struggling to see because of his his trademark dark sunglasses, he banged his head on a piece of the set however he recovered quickly and was soon blessing the crowd with his holy water cannon and incense burner.

But then suddenly after a powerhouse rendition of Where The Streets Have No Name faded, and just as The Edge’s eerie echoing guitar played the opening bars to I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Bono dropped to his knees as a bright-green halo surrounded him.

With his mic still live the crowd heard him say: ‘Heavenly Father, if it be thine will, then take this burden from me,’ before looking skyward. But when no reply came he stood up saying: ‘Sometimes it’s just too much to bear. Sorry, guys,’ before walking off into the wings followed moments later by the other band members.

They returned fifteen minutes later but without Bono and It was left to Larry Mullen Jr. to tell the crowd that Bono wouldn’t be returning as he was off to have a nap in a cave, but that he’d be back fronting the band in Paris after three days, in plenty of time for the opening night of the French leg of the tour.