There are those who refuse to believe that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and are adamant the American Apollo missions were conducted no further away from home than a Hollywood back lot, but a line has surely been crossed for many Star Trek devotees by a new group who say it was nothing more than a TV show and that ironically it too was shot on a Hollywood back lot.

Leading the claim is American astronomer and astrophysicist, Professor Matt Kadolipovitz, who told Fox News: ‘Of course Star Trek never happened and it’s crazy to suggest it did. Warp technology has not yet been and indeed may never be developed. Transportation of people and objects from place to place by molecular disassembly and reassembly, although it would be a real neat thing, is simply impossible. Sure, Star Trek was a great entertainment show, but that’s all it was.’

But top Trekkie and self-styled Starfleet Supreme Admiral, Shelby Banks, has hit back telling The Sky at Night: ‘So Klingonese is not a recognised language? Yeah, sure thing! The professor’s claim is just crazy, how can anyone doubt that iconic all American hero James T Kirk did not boldly go where no man had gone before? We have the crystal-clear footage of him doing so.’

‘But by contrast what do we have by way of proof the Apollo Moonshots ever really happened? Fuzzy, blurred and totally indistinct video that proves absolutely nothing whatsoever. So my advice to the Prof is, Live long and prosper, Dude.’