Boris Johnson’s wife has given an exclusive interview to The Daily Mail where she talks candidly about the lead-up to her throwing him out of their marital home.

Speaking to Piers Morgan she said: ‘I was approached anonymously by someone claiming to be in possession of a set of photographs showing Boris in a hotel room engaging in a one-in-a-bed romp. At first I told this person I didn’t believe them but after they emailed me just one of what they said was a set of twenty pictures I knew our marriage was finished and I needed to act.’

‘It’s well known that he has had dalliances in the past with other women and that for some reason, although Christ knows why, I had been prepared to forgive him, however the photo I was sent was so horrible that to save the public from the trauma of being exposed to the entire portfolio I agreed to divorce him in return for them all being destroyed. I just felt that I at least owed this to the nation.’

Meanwhile Boris is said to be philosophical over the matter with a close source to the bumbling mop-topped buffoon commenting: ‘Look we’ve all known for years now that Boris has only one true love in life and that is himself. Can it really be so wrong to express a beautiful love in the most natural way possible – in a hotel room accompanied by a scrapbook of photos of himself and a box of Kleenex?’