Middle Class parents have slammed the new John Lewis and Waitrose corporate advert depicting a junior school’s production of the iconic Queen video, Bohemian Rhapsody, as being ‘shoddy and all a bit amateurish’.

One such couple Myles and Sasha de Cruz-Barrington, parents of eight year-old twins Ollie and Tasmin spoke to us. ‘Oh my goodness it’s so so soooo cheap-looking,’ says Sasha, ‘It wouldn’t hold a candle to our school’s last little drama club playlet. We had a three night run and based it on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.’

‘Ollie was Gandalf and of course Tazzie was Galadriel. Both got rave reviews in the Wimbledon Observer. The budget was only £3.5 million with some of the school’s parents clubbing together to fund it. Sir Ian McKellen was our narrator and he gave all the children tremendous performance notes.’

‘Yes,’ agrees Myles, ‘I really do believe that JLP is letting itself down very badly indeed with this current pedestrian and half-hearted effort. I mean Waitrose faces increasing competition from the likes of Aldi and Lidl and to me this low-budget dross just screams of them throwing in the towel and starting to dig in the dirt themselves.’

And there’s perhaps a salutary warning to the retailer from Sasha: ‘They simply must get their act together for the upcoming Christmas ad or Myles and I aren’t entirely sure we will be shopping in such a common establishment, going forward. I shall simply say – We won’t be part of it if they don’t put their heart into it.’