American Production Company HBO, in partnership with Sky, has announced they have a new hard-hitting cop show currently in production scheduled to hit our screens in Spring 2019, and in what’s believed to be a TV first, two sitting backbench MPs are to play the leads.

The Brexit Beat, a big budget glitzy 12-part series set in Brussels and London, sees Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg playing two Interpol Officers whose brief is to arrest and detain any EU Citizens for looking dangerously foreign and smelling heavily of garlic and Parmesan Cheese.

Jonson’s character, Boz, is something of a maverick who ignores the rule book. He’s got a penchant for quoting Latin and is forever getting into trouble with his boss, the spindly and pointedly angular Mrs M, for doing things behind her back without proper clearance. He relies on his finely-honed sense of xenophobia and bigotry to get the job done.

Rees-Mogg plays ‘Jake’ who is also a maverick, is as hard as nails with an idiosyncratic dress sense consisting of a top-hat, sponge-bag trousers, frock coat, spats and a dickie bow. His catchphrase of ‘Kindly readorn yourself with suitable garments, madam, for we are Brexit Beat and we have not yet partaken of our early-evening repast!’ looks set to go down in history.