Boris Johnson has really put his foot in it this time angering rock fans everywhere, when during the launch of The Economists For Free Trade Report, which he attended along with the Wodehousian MP for The Dark Ages, Jacob Rees-Mogg, he said: ‘Mrs May’s Chequer’s Plan is even worse than Status Quo.’

Boomtown Rats singer, Sir Bob Geldof, immediately hit back at the bumptious over-privileged narcissistic loon saying: ‘That guy’s a complete  pfokin’ eejit. Was he not about when they kicked off Live Aid with Rockin All Over The World? Probably not come to think of it, he was more than likely shagging some poor unfortunate girl or talking complete and utter shite to a load of pfokin’ Old Etonian undergraduate rich-boy knob-ends at Oxford.’

Apoplectic Quo founding member, guitarist Francis Rossi, wasn’t pulling his punches either when he commented: ‘Boris Johnson is an idiot. If brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to part that fucking stupid mop of hay stuck on his head that he calls hair. What a twenty-four carat tosser. He knows two thirds of fuck all about Rock.’

Meanwhile a spokesman for Mrs May said: ‘I think Boris’s comment is rather unfair, for although after a few dry sherries and if needs be, the PM can make a reasonable stab at Rihanna’s Umbrella at Tory Party karaoke benefit nights, but she’s not trying to compete with the icons who brought us Pictures of Matchstick Men, Caroline, Paper Plane and Down Down. For Boris to suggest that she is, is yet again a clumsy attempt to backtrack after he’s dropped yet another monumental bollock.