With speculation rife that Donald Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, was the mystery author behind last week’s so-called anonymous ‘resistance’ article, that suggested what the rest of the world has already worked out merely by watching his car crash presidency, to wit Mr Trump is a dangerous, narcissistic flip-flopping nut-job, Rapper 50 Cent has entered the debate.

He told reporters: ‘There’s only one dude in America that really matters and who is named after currency and that’s 50 Cent. You know what I’m saying? I’m the lodestar guy when it comes to money sounding names, you know what I’m saying? So no, I did not write them words. That’s what I’m saying, you know what I’m saying?’

However the US media was quick to latch onto the word ‘lodestar’ the Candy Shop and In da Club multi award-winning hip-hop mogul used in his denial pointing out its usage chimes heavily with what was written about the President in the New York Times piece.

Meanwhile The President has hit out at at the mystery writer. Speaking to his sycophantic claque of boot-licking yes men, better known as Fox News he said: ‘You know, that article is a disgrace, and by the way, it is also the action of a coward, probably a Mexican coward too.’

Trump then went on to add, in his quite worrying trademark style of speaking about himself in the third person singular: ‘Everyone knows that Donald J Trump is a great President, he’s the greatest President that there has ever been, TRUE. And unlike Crooked Hillary, he has no skeletons in his cupboards. None whatsoever. No skeletons… FACT!