Boardgames giant Hasbro has announced that the latest edition of Cludeo, its iconic whodunit murder mystery game that in the past has seen Sherlock and and Midsomer Murders special versions released, will be based on Brexit.

Jasper McCleod, the company’s UK Head of Marketing said: ‘We felt this is very much a pertinent idea, of its time and a really zeitgeisty choice, what with the UK being currently murdered both metaphorically and psychically as a result of the current bungling shambles this government is making of the whole sorry business.

The protagonists in the new version are to include Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Theresa May, David Cameron and Nigel Farage amongst others, and in a break with tradition, the much-loved murder weapons of revolver, lead-piping and knife are to be replaced by more conceptual weapons such as xenophobia, bigotry, overt racism and barefaced lies.

Similarly the Brexit version will see the locations of Library, Billiard room and Cellar replaced by Westminster, Strasbourg and the Eurostar Dining Carriage.

However one cleric and massive Cluedo fan, The Reverend James Green, Curate of St Bolsover’s Church in Epping is not convinced the new version will be a hit. He told BBC News: ‘Boris Johnson in Westminster using barefaced lies hasn’t really got the same ring to it as Miss Scarlet in the drawing room with the candlestick.’