A bitter war of words has broken out between chess and draughts players over which of the games requires the greater degree of brainpower and analytical skills.

Discussing the squabble on GMB, Darren Clegg, a bin man and who has been a draughts devotee since he was five told Susanna Reid: ‘Gotta be draughts and that, ain’t it? Fair enough, anyone can play it after a basic bit of learning, like mate, but you gotta have proper smarts to play it well. Ain’t cha?’

But Dr Quentin De Boone-Crewes, a Professor of Classics at St Townley’s College Oxbridge responding to Mr Clarke’s remarks said: ‘Oh my goodness, ha-ha-ha! But of course chess is the infinitely more complicated of the two and a much greater level of intelligence and analytical skill is required to excel. Chess Grandmasters are among some of the greatest minds on the planet. Why I myself am a Chess Master. I’m afraid that by comparison draughts is a somewhat facile and infantile affair.’

However when it was put to the Dr De Boone-Crewes that Boris Johnson is believed to play chess to a reasonable standard and that Donald Trump has an antique board and chess pieces set up in The White House adjacent to his desk in the Oval Office the professor commented: ‘Hmm… OK… well all I can say about that then is I bet none of them could take me at Warhammer. No way! Now there’s a game that makes both chess and draughts look like tiddlywinks.’

He then upturned his chair and darted behind the sofa where he hid rocking and sucking his thumb refusing to come out until Susanna gave him ‘a nice big bag of sweeties’.