News has emerged today legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has been charged with historical crimes against music and is to face a Santa Barbara Grand Jury in November to answer the indictment.

Details are scarce currently but it’s understood that for the most part the charges centre specifically on Dylan’s harmonica playing on many early recordings, and although his singing was also considered as part of the case, it was felt that because Meatloaf has never had to face proceedings over his singing, then to include Dylan’s grating nasal caterwauling would be unfair.

Meanwhile the star’s manager defending his artist’s playing said: ‘Bob’s harmonica solos are quite idiosyncratic and are very much tailored specifically to suit any given song rather than be virtuoso performances in their own right.’

But music journalist and radio presenter Paul Gambaccini wasn’t convinced telling BBC’s Naga Munchetty: ‘Well isn’t that the truth and no mistake. But I’m really not surprised this is going to court as in my view it is very long overdue.’

‘I mean Bob’s a great songwriter but, Jeez, his harmonica playing is even worse than listening to a tone-deaf concert pianist who’s had his fingers smashed by the Mob but is still attempting to play a Chopin étude. To be honest his singing’s not really much better either. I’d have included that too.’