Following a ruling in the Scottish Parliament stating The Shetland Islands can no longer be depicted on maps and charts inside a convenient box but in the the wrong geographical location, Nigel Farage, has decided to run with the concept and is demanding other changes to UK maps be brought in also.

Speaking to reporters he said: ‘There are some places in Britain, and we all know where they are and just who we’re talking about here, where the population living in them is almost exclusively foreign.’

‘Well I have started a petition lobbying to have these areas removed from our UK maps. I say they should be struck from future charts and attached to the actual countries were the people who live in these areas come from in the first place.’

And one Daily Mail reader, East End Costermonger Darryn Shite, a lifelong moron, racist and brain-dead xenophobe completely agrees. ‘God I love Nigel Farage and oh how I wish he was running Brexit for us. He’d sort out them lot of bloody foreigners in Europe no bother at all.’

‘This map idea he’s got is bang-on but I’d take it one step further. I’d remove Scotland and Wales from England’s map too!’