Media sources have confirmed rumours circulating in TV Land are true and that negotiations are now at an advanced stage, meaning from next year we will see Strictly Come Dancing and Love Island merge with the new show to be called Strictly Cum Island.

A TV insider said: ‘When you think of it it’s really the perfect match. Fit birds and blokes wearing skimpy revealing clothes and looking to get it on is what today’s viewing public wants. This format will serve it up to them in spades.’

‘The beauty is that it’s a win-win, as couples will be able shag left right and centre with impunity, as they already do on Love Island, but with Strictly’s mantle of being a family show lifted and serial infidelity and promiscuous behaviour allowable under the new rules, contestants will be given the green light to fill their boots and six-inch stilettos.’

Excitable Italian firecracker the Strictly Judge, Bruno Toniloi, was beside himself with excitement when speaking on Sky News, but got so carried away that it was impossible to understand a bloody word he said.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that plans to run a sister show, Strictly Cum Island the Legends, featuring amongst others, former contestants Anne Widdecombe, John Sergeant and Gregg Wallace have been shelved.