Following the surprise resignation of Nikki Haley as American Ambassador to the UN, Donald Trump has suggested the ideal replacement would be his daughter, Ivanka.

‘There’s no one smarter than Ivanka. She’s a smart cookie, yes she is. So smart, just the smartest. FACT! Everybody says so. She’s great and a real cutie too. Wow!  So hot. And let me tell you folks. I’m not just saying this because I’m her Pops. No I am not. She’s a totally fantastic diplomat, just the diplomatiest, and did I mention she’s cute?’

But Mr Trump’s opponents quickly hit back accusing the President of bare faced nepotism and pouring scorn on the idea, pointing out that Ivanka has no credentials or practical diplomatic experience whatsoever that would make her a ‘good fit’ for the job.

As the row rumbled on and speaking about himself in the third person to some fanboy later on his own personal cheer leading television network, Fox News, the President said: ‘So Donald J Trump is a nepotist? Really? More FAKE NEWS! Donald J Trump has never nepotised in his life. Just like he has never had a beer. EVER!. Ivanka would bereal swell in this role and cute too. Real cute.’