Yesterday the world looked on in disbelief as Kanye, or is it ‘Ye’ West? met for a working lunch with the President of the United States in the Oval Office, ostensibly to discuss the US drug crisis.

What happened next was a confused outpouring of inane babble and incohesive rambling drivel that left the American Press and world media totally stunned, baffled and completely bemused.

Thankfully Mr Trump, to everyone’s relief, finally finished spouting crap and it was only then when West finally spoke that some sense of purpose seemed to enter proceedings. 

Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap, which he said made him feel like Superman, and in an expletive-filled stream of consciousness, West touched on a number of policy ideas as the President looked on in awe, or it may just have been abject terror.

At the conclusion of the meeting a nervous Trump told reporters: ‘Wow, it was great to hang with Kanye today. Isn’t he a great guy and an amazing rapper? No, the best rapper ever, FACT, and you know folks he has some great ideas. Just the best ideas. How about kids playing baseball when learning math? That’s a clever idea. So clever. I’m gonna be running that out across our nation from next year. You just know it!’

And the solution to police brutality is love. That’s dope guys. Just the dopest. Why didn’t I come up with that? It’s such a cool idea. So cool. I will drafting an EO instructing all Police Chiefs to start love classes in every Precinct and Station House immediately.’

But best of all I love Kanye’s vision for the iPlane. That’s the neatest idea ever. So I told him we’re gonna build that goddamn iPlane, yes we are, believe me, and we’ll show the world that I, Donald J Trump, have made America great again. Hey, youknowwhaddamsayin’bro?’