There are unconfirmed claims emerging from Australia that if true could see a right royal rumpus develop, because it’s being suggested that during yesterday’s trip to Bondi Beach, Prince Harry not only turned on and tuned in, but that he actually ‘dropped out’ too.

A royal insider requesting anonymity told reporters: ‘The Duke and Duchess were totally captivated and caught up in the colourful and happy hippy atmosphere with the One Wave surfers, both doffing their shoes and sitting with the group barefoot on the sand when someone slipped the Prince a joint.’

‘His Royal Highness thought that it was some kind of a local custom, you know, like Aboriginal bare-arsed dancing or something, so not to be rude he had a toke before offering it to Meghan. Obviously being pregnant she refused and then not knowing the protocol, and not wishing to look silly in front of the media, Harry kept the doobie and finished it off. That’s when the trouble began because that reefer was some heavy shit man, knowhadamsayin?’

The insider goes on claim that wearing a garland in his hair Harry had become completely shit-faced within twenty minutes and started complaining that his role as 6th in line to the throne was ‘bad karma’. He then shinned up the mast of a nearby yacht declaring: ‘Ahoy shipmates. There be dragons and sea monsters. I can see over the edge of the world!’ before telling the Duchess: ‘Hey babe, can you rustle me up a swan and piccalilli sandwich because all of a sudden I-am-bloody-well FAMISHED!.’

Buckingham Palace was remaining tight-lipped about the episode today but sceptical commentators are unconvinced, with The Sun’s headline – No smoke without dope – a typical response.