Vacuuming entrepreneur and staunch Brexit supporter, James Dyson, is being hotly tipped to scoop this year’s newly introduced Nobel Prize for two-faced, me-me-me self-serving irony and greed after announcing his new electric car plant will not be based in dear old Blighty, but will instead be built in and manned by a workforce in Singapore.

Facing the press and without so much as one single shred of integrity in the eyes of anyone with even half a brain, Dyson was quick to assure all and sundry that his decision had not been informed by the current Brexit travesty. ‘Brexit is going well and is great opportunity for Britain. Although no UK jobs whatsoever will be created as a result of this decision, I know as I am a top businessman, but you can trust me when I say, this is a victory for Britain, a victory for Brexit,’ he had the front to assert.

‘The fact that it will be cheaper to carry out this true blue British enterprise in foreign parts had escaped me until you chaps in the press and media pointed it out. In fact you could’ve knocked me down with a feather to be honest. But still, it’s an ill wind, eh?’ insisted the knighted boffin while counting his personal fortune on a mobile banking App.