Ill-concealed racist, bigot and so-called politician Nigel Farage has announced he has been cast in ITV’s reboot of their ‘sitcom’ Love Thy Neighbour due to be aired next Spring.

Scripts for the new show, billed to be a humourous take on UK’s withdrawal from the EU and called Love Thy Brexit, will see Mr Farage playing a jobbing frog-impersonator living next door to an extended family of Eastern Europeans who make his life a misery by their very existence alone.

He told Radio Times. ‘A lot of the humour comes from me just simply hurling abusive at them. The head of their household is named Bogdan, but I call him ‘Bog Roll’. It’s hilarious because even though he’s a senior registrar at the cardiology department, saving thousands of British lives, I ignore that and insist that he’s a dole-scrounger and he and his family are only here to cheat Britain out of benefits. “Your lot will all be gone come March 29th!” is one of my catchphrases.’

‘In one episode I suffer a heart attack when I go ballistic because he’s disrupting my barbecue. You see he’s also out in his garden cooking some bloody awfully smelly muck at the same time. He saves my life by performing emergency CPR, but what about this, even as I’m being taken off in the ambulance I’m hectoring him and demanding he gets rid of the bloody stink. Hahaha!’

A spokesman for ITV Comedy said: ‘Love Thy Neighbour came in for a lot of stick in its day but we’re sure this reworking will hold a mirror to modern Britain and today’s attitudes to our diverse multicultural society.’