There’s a right royal rumpus brewing today following news that an upcoming edition of Desert Island Discs, featuring Meghan Duchess of Sussex, will reveal the names she and Prince Harry have chosen for the new royal baby will not pass muster.

Citing her proud American roots Meghan said she and her husband have had along discussions on the matter and he has now agreed that if the baby is a boy he will be called Billy Bob and if it’s a girl then she will be called Becky Sue.

The controversial bombshell, in a leaked extract from the programme posted online, appears to reveal a startled Kirsty Young lost for words stammering an incoherent response then quickly moving to Duchess’s third music selection – Jay Z’s Big Pimpin’.

Royal watchers and constitutional experts have been quick to voice their horror at the choices with one telling Naga Munchetty: ‘This is just too ghastly for words. Prince Billy Bob or Princess Becky Sue? Good God!’

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports suggest the Duke of Edinburgh had a nasty turn upon hearing the news and has subsequently summoned Harry to a meeting at Buckingham Palace on his return to England, when Prince Philip will ‘attempt to knock some bloody sense into silly little sod!’

Politicians of all hues are believed to be vehemently against the selections with just one exception, the DUP’s Arlene Foster who said: ‘If the child is a girl then of course Becky Sue is an entirely inappropriate name, but now on the other hand… if it is a boy, then… Prince Billy Bob… Billy for short?…  Well I could certainly think of a lot worse, so I could.’