It’s a question that many have asked time and time again although one where they are never quite sure if they can believe the answer, but now after a five-year research project Oxbridge Sociologists have finally come up with a definitive one – it is them!

Professor Noel Greenly explains: ‘The Question ‘is it just me?’ is asked over two million times a day in Britain alone, normally by the reactionary and morally outraged. You know, UKIP supporters, Daily Mail readers and other narrow-minded bigots, racists and xenophobes.’

‘Well our research now shows categorically that it is them. They become het up and agitated over the slightest thing when they don’t need to be. If they were like the most normal decent people going about their business with a tolerant disposition and prepared to give and take with their fellow members of society, then there would be no problem and consequently no question to be asked or answered.’

But racist bigot, Daily Mail-reading xenophobe and UKIP supporter, Dave Shite, a professional killjoy from Billericay disagrees. ‘This research is total bollocks. These people should go out and get real jobs instead of coming up with this kind of Lefty claptrap. I expect Professor Greenly is getting handsomely paid for this so-called work, which in my view is completely pointless. I mean come on… is it just me?